For your home or business, Dunkerton Communications offers low-cost service to meet all your telecommunication needs. If you're in the market for local phone service, contact our office for more information.

Residential Telephone Business Telephone
$31.50/month $31.50/month
Single Party Single Party

Long Distance Rates

Dunkerton Communications currently offers a Nationwide Long Distance Plan, with a set amount of minutes at a fixed rate.

The Nationwide calling plans are at $.14 a minute.   If you do go over your block of minutes that you have chosen in a month, the charge per minute will be $.14 a minute. Minutes not used are not carried over to the next month.

Nationwide Plan

Minutes Monthly Charge
100 $14.00
250 $35.00
500 $70.00
750 $105.00
1000 $140.00
1250 $175.00
1500 $210.00
1750 $245.00
2000 $280.00

We also offer a "Pay-As-You-Go" plan for $.16 a minute. On this plan you will only pay for the minutes you actually have.

Voice Mail
800 Numbers
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